I am a knitter, a crocheter, a yarn lover and as they say a “curator” of exclusive and special yarns. If you ask me when I started to knit, I see a picture of my mum with her hands always busy creating the most beautiful jerseys for us. Which was quite a feat if you have 5 children! The time the two of us spend together with yarn and needles are very precious to me.

I treasure that memory as well as all the needles that were handed down to me, but as everyone knows, we are always looking, searching for something new and exciting in the creative world. One of my quests…to find the perfect crochet hook…ended when a dear friend allowed me to touch and use her new Tulip Etimo Rose crochet hooks. After that I just had to have my own…and there the journey with Tulip Japan began. Now I am very proud to be the main importer and distributor for this world-famous brand.

On the woolly side, I think every knitter, crocheter or craft person dreams to have yarns galore so you can dive in your stash and start a project, even it is in the middle of the night. During our extensive stays in Europe I had the opportunity to search and experience a whole new world of yarn… of yarns that we in South Africa could only dream of at that time.

So, my dream to expand my own stash, took a little detour when I got to know the yarns by John Arbon Textiles, a small family owned mill in Devon. I wanted to share it with everyone! The yarns are exquisitely beautiful and you can see the hues and shades of nature in them. In the South African market where we have such talented indi-dyers, this yarn is the perfect companion to create masterpieces.