Anneke Wiese of Crochet in Paternoster is a wonderful talented crafter who makes beautiful crochet primarily using cotton t-shirt yarn. She used to live in Paternoster, which is a small fishing village off the coast of South Africa, and we often get to enjoy beautiful beach photos from her on Instagram. The family moved to nearby Langebaan to be closer to her three daughters’ school.

She makes doily and mandala rugs, durable crochet baskets, bunting and more.  She also loves working with and designing pieces with Nurturing Fibres’ eco-fusion and cotton. She has designed a few patterns for “Creative Hobbies” and “Ideas” Magazines.

Anneke will release a brand new crochet rug pattern and host a workshop at the CTYF. On her stand you will see t-shirt yarn rug and basket pattern kits, chunky crochet hooks as well as finished rugs and baskets and Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion market bags and plant hangers.