I started knitting in around 2009, while working as a web designer and equine photographer. Driven by a knitter’s desire for indie-dyed, natural fibre yarn in a time when even commercially produced wool yarn was hard to come by in your local yarn shop in SA, I soon started dabbling in dyeing any bit of white animal fibre yarn I could find, and the dyeing bug bit!

In 2011 I moved from Johannesburg to the small town of Riebeek Kasteel in the Western Cape, had found a source of luxury yarn blends and started Hartlam in 2012 with just 6 yarn bases. Each carefully chosen yarn base is named after a South African town, and each has its own unique character. Some towns have special memories for me, while others I would still love to visit. Producing indie-dyed yarn in small batches, I draw my inspiration from nature, music, emotions, my travels and just everyday life. Dyeing is my outlet for all the small beauties (and some big ones too!) I see around me every day, and would love to share with you.

Over the years the number of bases has grown from the original 6 to the current collection of over 15 different yarns in 10 fibre compositions and 5 weights, making it one of the widest selections available from an indie dyer in SA!

During the last two years, life had gotten in the way of the dye pots, and I had to make the hard choice to put Hartlam on the back-burner for a little while. But after a move, a wedding, many months of renovations and a few other curve-balls life threw at me, Hartlam was re-launched with a fresh new look and all the old favourite yarns (as well as a few new ones) in early 2019.

I feel so blessed to have had the support of my lovely Hartlammetjies over the years, and am so excited to share all the colours that have piled up in my head with you, as well as with those that are discovering Hartlam for the first time!