South Africa’s oldest guild – founded 24 June 1950.  Our aim is to encourage and promote the enduring and very satisfying crafts of weaving, spinning, knitting, felting and dyeing through the enthusiastic participation of our members. And in sharing a common interest, we break down communication barriers between generations, sexes and differing cultures.

Every alternate year the Guild holds an exhibition of members’ work, a prestigious event with high-quality craft for show and for sale. There are demonstrations of weaving, spinning and other related crafts during these exhibitions. For more info please visit “Exhibition”.


We’re a community dedicated to the fibre arts, and the process of transforming raw materials into beautiful, functional things. We believe that crafted, handmade items give enduring satisfaction to those who make them and those who use them.


Over hundreds of years, Cape Town has established itself as a shining beacon of trade, industry and craft at the southern tip of Africa. The Cape Guild of Weavers is dedicated to keeping a small part of that rich culture of making things alive and thriving – connecting members of the local craft community with one another. Our membership spans the Western Cape, and includes hobbyists and professionals alike.


A defining characteristic of the guild is that we’re always learning from each other – sharing techniques and offering advice and instruction. So, while many of our members attend formal lessons and workshops with teachers, teaching also takes place spontaneously at our regular meetings – through demonstrations, presentations and informal conversation. To enquire about classes and workshops offered in your area, feel free to contact us, and we’ll connect you with a teacher in your area.


Our members are skilled at a range of disciplines so, while we’re officially a guild of weavers, we actually foster and promote six crafts:

Weaving is the oldest textile produc tion technique, usually done on a loom, and involving two distinct sets of yarns interlaced at right angles to form fabric or cloth.

Spinning twists strands of fibre together to make yarn. At a glance, hand-spun yarn often looks similar to its machine-spun counterpart, yet the resulting garments have an unmistakable character and value only achieved by a skilful hand spinner.

Knitting, and its sister craft, Crochet, are experiencing a major global revival. Both require little equipment, and are easy to learn. For those who become hooked, they offer immense reward, at every level.

Dyeing unlocks a magical world of colour and pattern possibilities for anyone involved in the fibre arts. We hold regular workshops on a range of dyeing techniques.

Felting creates beautiful, versatile textiles and objects – used in art, technology, fashion, jewellery, and even musical instruments.